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Hyundai Naming rights partner to the High Performance Hour. Hyundai has redefined its brand of cars introducing the next generation of Hyundai vehicles to the market with huge applause and success. From the award winning Getz to the recently named AA Motoring Excellence Awards Winner in Class Hyundai Sonata, Hyundai is the perfect partner to the High Performance Hour. The complete diesel range of Hyundai vehicles are setting new standards.
Pinnacle A sports mentor programme to create world champions Pinnacle is a sports support group with a very specific task: To help young New Zealand sportspeople to become world champions. To achieve that goal, Pinnacle provides both financial and vehicle support. But its most important role is to supply young sportspeople with a wide range of skills outside the point of competition. And it's these skills that consistently prove crucial for Kiwis seeking success at the highest international level. Pinnacle is backed by Hyundai Automotive New Zealand with the support of the Fairfax Group, publishers of the Sunday Star-Times and wide range of other media.
Ryan Security and Consulting Ltd A recent addition to the High Performance Hour family, Ryan Security and Consulting Ltd is owned and operated by Jayson Ryan. Jayson is based in Christchurch but has offices and staff in all the major cities in New Zealand. Ryan Security and Consulting Ltd is the naming rights partner to the High Performance Moments on the show, and as far as we are concerned they are truly the high performer in the area of security in New Zealand, talk to them about your needs today, however big or small.
Radio Sport Host broadcaster of the High Performance Hour and New Zealand's only dedicated 24 hour, 7 day a week sports broadcaster. Check here for frequency details throughout New Zealand.
Performance Lab PerformanceLab, founded in 1993, now comprises three separate companies; PerformanceLab (Sport), PLTech and PLHealth.

Performance Lab (Sport) provides physiological assessment and training program prescription for athletes. PerformanceLab Sport’s clients range from world champion athletes to sedentary individuals with no sporting background who wish to take charge of their health and positively affect their longevity and long term wellbeing. We encourage our clients to “tread in the territory of limitless potential”.

PL Tech is a technology development business which designs automated programmes for biomechanical sizing, physiological testing, exercise and health prescription.

PL Health provides wellness assessment and educational programmes for use as company health promotion projects and more importantly for the individual employee.
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