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Join host Andrew Dewhurst for a show with a difference. What makes Grant Dalton want to sail around the world half a dozen times? What does it take to climb the highest mountain in the world? What sacrifices are required to be a world champion? What drive and determination is needed to succeed at the highest level of sport, business and unusually demanding professions? The Hyundai High Performance Hour set out to explore the achievements of the world's top athletes, sportspeople, adventurers and businesspeople by talking to them to find out what makes them run faster, jump higher or push themselves further than anyone else.

Remember you can tune in to the show by visiting and clicking on the audio bank. You have up to 7 days to listen to any show you might have missed live to air. Alternatively you can listen to the Radio Sport show this Sunday evening from 10pm for the Sunday Roast edition of the HPH.

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In 2000 Jon Ackland had an idea; it was to interview the very best in the world to better understand high performance strategies and performance. After all, what better way to learn than to talk to those who have reached the mountain top in their chosen sport or vocation?

But Jon worked as an exercise consultant and was not familiar with the art of radio or indeed interviewing. So came the first of many 'lunches' with acquaintance and broadcaster Andrew Dewhurst, known to Jon after an attempt on Ironman in 1999.

Andrew shared Jon's dream and vision of a show that would stand out from your typical lowest common denominator talk back radio show. This one had to inform, entertain and educate all at the same time.

Two years of discussions and many BLT's later came the High Performance Hour. The show has interviewed a galaxy of global stars in many different fields and disciplines and has evolved over the past 11 years to where it is today, a high quality hour of radio that you will not hear elsewhere with a guest list the envy of Oprah Winfrey, Michael Parkinson and just about any other talk show host the world over.

Your Hosts

Andrew Dewhurst is an award winning journalist and broadcaster - amongst many other things. Andrew is Director of Gracie Productions Ltd, a company formed and run with his wife Karen.

Gracie Productions carries out work in the areas of Media Training, Media and PR consultancy, Event Management, Broadcasting, Freelance Writing, Public Speaking and MC work, Retail Seminars, Motivational Seminars.

Having qualified as a journalist in the early 90's, Andrew promptly went to work in retail management with the then largest privately owned retail management company Centre Corporation Ltd.

Broadcasting was always lurking however and it was no surprise that Andrew went back into journalism full time in the mid nineties as morning sports news anchor with the Radio Network in Wellington before moving to Auckland to take up a hosting role with the new Radio Sport station in 1999.

Andrew is now a freelance broadcaster with the Radio Network, filling in on shows on Radio Sport and Newstalk ZB while also hosting his own shows Sport Lately (Tuesday to Fridays 8pm to midnight).


Jon Ackland is an exercise consultant for Performance Lab, who has been training athletes (Novice to Elite) for 18 years. The author of a number of books including "Personal Best"; the best selling "The Power to Perform", as well as "The Performance Log", "Precision Training" and "Spinning". Jon is the director of Performance Lab where he tests and consults people of all levels helping them to train for sport, recreation and health...

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