THIS WEEK'S GUEST - 27 November 2013
9 to 10pm Radio Sport

Gordon McAuley Coaching

Former Commonwealth Games medallist Gordon McCauley  and AvantiPlus have banded together in the creation of a sustainable road cycling team with the emphasis on developing young talent, providing an additional pathway for aspiring road riders in New Zealand.

The aim of the GMC Development Team is to help young GMC Coached riders realize their potential, by not only providing them with equipment and financial support but also mentors in the form of the teams elite riders and the vast array of contacts they have at their disposal including business leaders and high achievers.

McCauley is motivated by what the sport has given him over many

successful and enjoyable years of hard graft and dedication.

"When I was coming up through the grades I wasn't a super talent but I was a hard
worker and I relied on the generosity of friends for coaching advice, equipment and
for getting to races.

“Cycling has been good to me and with the success of GMC Coaching and the
support of our sponsors like AvantiPlus it's my chance to give back a little to the
sport and help provide a pathway for aspiring young GMC road riders to chase their
dreams of turning pro and most importantly riding for New Zealand."

To find out more about GMC Coaching click here


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